Friday, March 31, 2006

Hey, Hipster...It's a Buzz Band Alert!

I guess tonight is the night I find out if all the hype has been worth it for the band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. I got the CD sent to me for my radio show, and it's pretty good. But the over-the-top praise being laid on this band is a bit much.

Essentially, they sound like the Talking Heads. That's not a band thing at all. Talking Heads are among my favorite bands. CYHSY's singer is a dead ringer for David Byrne. But I can only really get into a couple of songs on the new CD.

Tonight the new "buzz band of the moment" will be playing at Sokol Underground. The show is sold out, and has been for a few weeks. This is almost unheard of for Underground shows.

NPR has a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah concert available for streaming on its website if you haven't heard anything by the band. I'll let you know about the show after it's over.


  1. I love Clap Your Hands!! Their CD is great, let us know how the concert was. I haven't seen them live before, but I imagine that they are pretty good live.

  2. They were pretty good. Better than I was expecting, actually. The place was packed so I kind of camped out toward the back of the club. Decent show. They played lots of new stuff.


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