Saturday, March 18, 2006

Get Off Your Ass and Get to Sokol Tonight

Since just about every good band in the world is down in Austin this weekend, there is not too much to see here in Omaha. But there is one show that will be more than worthy of your time. It's an amazing local double bill featuring Ladyfinger and Mr. 1986. Both bands are playing tonight (Sat. 3/18) at Sokol Underground. Tickets are available at the door for $7. Also on the bill is Reverso Benigni.


  1. I'm the only person not at SXSW.

    I've heard Minneapolis has a great music scene.... Soul Asylum and all.

    Oh well. I think we'll be going to the "Freeze Your Nipples off and Dance! Outdoor Festival."

    Rock me on.

  2. Minneapolis does have a great music scene. Now, though, it's all hip hop. You are home to the Rhymesayers Label. They are the best in underground rap. Atmosphere is one of my favorite artists now.


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