Saturday, January 07, 2006

Virgasound Tonight at Sokol Underground

Pretty sure that I will be hitting Sokol Underground tonight to see Virgasound. For those not "in the know" this band used to be called The Philharmonic. I have seen them a coulple of times already, and they were fantastic. Both of the guitar players -- Chris Brooks and Mike Saklar -- are first-rate; and these guys rock in a way that (until now) the mighty Omaha music scene had been lacking.

Virgasound plays rock. Just rock. Loud, sometimes fast, slightly abrasive, melodic (but not too melodic). The guys are all scene veterans, having played in a number of notable Omaha bands of the past (Ritual Device, Carsinogents). Anyway...the band has posted its first demo on its MySpace page.

Virgasound plays in the middle of the bill. Cruisin' Rosie goes first, and The Third Men are headlining. The show starts at 9.

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