Friday, December 09, 2005

Paul Stanley - "I'm Done. I'm Finished."

He is, of course referring to his new solo album, the legendary KISS guitarist adding that, “I’m just looking and talking with various labels to see where it will wind up. I mean, it’s done, mixed and ready to go, and according to everybody who’s heard it, it’s damn good.”

“Modern is a scary word,” opines Stanley, when asked for a characterization of the record. “I would certainly say that it is very much in keeping with my personality and keeps a very consistent viewpoint, but it sounds really big and the songs are great. The singing is great and the songs are great and the playing is great. You know, so far so good.”

Quite diverse like Gene’s album, or is it a fairly unified sound?

“Well, it certainly… you know, not to be smart, but it’s consistent in its diversity. There’s enough divergence in terms of the songs, and yet they all sound like they belong on the same album. There’s nothing that’s experimental and there’s nothing that is out of character, but after doing this as long as I have, I’ve covered enough bases that I think I’ve just brought them all home on this album.”

Stanley is also celebrating the release of Kiss’ new DVD – Rock The Nation Live!, a gorgeous concert package shot in the DC area last year, stuffed with rarities like ‘Love Her All I Can’, ‘Tears Are Falling’ and ‘Makin’ Love’. Paul offers comment on the advantages of the two disc package. “Well, you know, the fact that it is high def makes a huge difference. And that we have this Kiss Powervision, as we’re calling it, where you can choose who you want to watch. And of course if you have your sanity and your good taste, you’ll be watching me. It’s a great concert and a great time capsule of the last tour. Again, what it does is that it very much says that this band really is justified in terms of the longevity and how people view the band, good or bad. I could care less. We are exactly who we aspire to be, and who we work our asses off to be. This isn’t a shadow of a bygone era. When we hit the stage, as in the last tour, you see a stage set up and show that is signature Kiss. The band looks and sounds like it was… you pick a year.”

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