Monday, March 28, 2005

'Besterberg' Track Listing Available

As mentioned in an earlier posting, Paul Westerberg's "best of" CD, Besterberg, is set to be released by Rhino records on May 17. The material covers his three major-label albums, his soundtrack contributions, and his last two albums on Vagrant Records. No songs from Paul's alter-ego, Grandpaboy, are being featured. Here is the track listing:

Dyslexic Heart
Knocking on Mine
World Class Fad
Runaway Wind
Seein' Her ("World Class Fad" b-side)
Man Without Ties("World Class Fad" b-side)
A Star is Bored ("Melrose Place" soundtrack)
Stain Yer Blood ("Friends" soundtrack)
Love Untold
Once Around the Weekend (alt. mix)
Angels Walk
It's a Wonderful Lie
Lookin' Out Forever
Nowhere Man ("I Am Sam" soundtrack)
High Time
Let the Bad Times Roll
What a Day (For a Night)
All That I Had ("Eventually" outtake)
C'mon, C'mon, C'mon ("Eventually" outtake)

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